Shahin Medghalchi

Shahin Medghalchi is a well-traveled argentine tango dancer and teacher in North America, Europe and Argentina. A sensational dancer and a skilled teacher, Shahin was trained by masters of tango from Buenos Aires through her travels since 1998.

Since 2002 she has been very successful in teaching musicality, rhythm, connection and, more than ever, the basics and fundamentals of movement for Argentine Tango dancers at all levels. Shahin’s expertise is Social Floor Technique – teaching people to enjoy dancing at milongas (dancing tango universally) while maintaining a harmonious flow with other couples on the floor. This includes creativity, interpretation of the music, connection to one’s center, one’s partner, and to the music. Her approach facilitates confidence in and enjoyment of tango dancing. Extremely detail oriented, her lessons are engaging and technical.
Shahin believes that every step out there being taught to be danced on an open floor or stage can be danced in the embrace and in a smaller, contained version on the social floor. This is her specialty of focus.
Her workshops have been described as "unforgettable".

Shahin teaches lessons at her studio "The Tango House of Santa Fe" (located at 1201 Don Diego Avenue on the corner of Cordova Road), on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Friday. Santa Fe lessons are private for singles and couples.

Also in Taos at the De Montes Studio, 41 Sol Grande, all privates on Wednesdays, and Thursdays, followed by Group lesson/guided practica on Thursdays at 5:00 - 6:00PM.
Learn Tango essentials, fundamentals and basics for all levels. Small group space is limited to 8 couples. Reserve your space and learn about details, please call Shahin at (505) 920-9987.
You may check the calendar at http://www.thetangohousesf.com/classes-events/
for Contact information:
(505) 920-9987
Or ellatidodeltango@artsfe.com


Liz Haight 

Liz Haight began dancing at the age of five, studying ballet, modern, tap, and jazz throughout her childhood in New York City. She performed with the Jose Limon Dance Co. at Lincoln Center and later through the Julliard School of Dance. As an adolescent, she was a scholarship student at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, where she trained with Judith Jamison.

Liz has had her own business teaching Latin social dances in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 1997. She has been teaching tango since 2002 and now works full-time teaching exclusively Milonguero-style Argentine tango both privately and in group classes. In addition, she teaches tango nationally in weekend workshops. She and Masami taught for a number of years at tango festivals in the US. Liz assisted Ricardo Vidort, her teacher and renowned Milonguero, in two of the Denver Tango Festivals in 2005. In 2010, Liz developed, with a team, a national network of Milonguero Style tango events called Encuentro providing opportunities for Milonguero social dancers to create community and dance together in North America.

Liz's love of people, her technical ability in both leading and following, and her passion for the energetic and emotional elements of the dance have led her to develop effective ways of teaching not only the physical and functional aspects of the dance, but also its more elusive, transcendent qualities. Her exploratory form of teaching allows for a visceral experience of tango as a form of communication, creativity, connection, and the joy of self-expression.

Since 1991, Liz has focused on authentic club-style social dances originating in Latin America. She has been dancing Argentine tango since 1998. While she has studied all forms of tango, her love lies in close-embrace Milonguero-style tango - the tango of the Golden Age and the tango of the crowded dance floors of Buenos Aires. In this style, she has studied extensively with Ricardo Vidort, Alicia Pons, and Osvaldo & Coca Cartery (2004 world champions).

For question call Liz at 505-699-0106


Paula Couselo-Findikoglu & Alp Findikoglu 

Alp and Paula teach regular small group classes and privates in Santa Fe at their Santa Fe studio, Estudio Uno. Alp and Paula have a tango style that is authentic, creative, musical and fluid, and like to share their passion for tango with their students. Contact: alpypaulatango@

Paula was born, raised and trained as ballet and tango dancer in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Alp and Paula have danced and taught Tango together for several years never cease to explore the depth and complexity of the dance and the music. They have trained with some of the most recognized instructors from Buenos Aires such as Daniel Juárez and Alejandra Armenti, Fabrizio Forti, Mariana Dragone, Mónica Parra, Milena Plebs, Miguel Angel Zotto, Mariano Chicho Frúmboli and Eugenia Parrilla, Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa, Gustavo Naveira and Gisele Anne, Ezequiel Farfaro, Fabián Salas, Pablo and Dana, and Fernando Llanes, among others.


Jaimes & Christa 

Join Jaimes & Christa at their home studo in the Baca Railyard district! We have an hour class where we learn essential lessons of Tango including musicality, technique, and connection along with key Tango vocabulary. After we have a casual practica where you can practice your new moves and ask Jaimes & Christa any burning Tango questions you might have.


Peter Roche 

Peter is a long-time Santa Fe teacher, who studied Argentine tango for many years in New York City with American, Argentine and European teachers, some famous, some obscure. In his instruction he uses both basic and more advanced steps to teach the fundamentals of connection, balance, and poise that create ease, comfort, and beauty in the dance, and open up myriad possibilities for improvisation and musical expression.

Peter is available for private lessons. 

(505) 474-2801
 Email connecttango


Michael Walker 

After 50 years as a dancer, Michael Walker could teach just about any style of dance he wanted. He chose to specialize in Argentine tango — and has become one of the most sought-after teachers and performers in the Southwest.

“Thirty years ago, I saw ‘Tango Argentino.’ At that moment I fell in love!” Michael says. “I was teaching modern ballet and jazz, and tango changed the direction of my dance.”

Today, Michael works to instill the passion and the intensity of Argentine tango in his students.

“Tango,” he says, “continues to thrill me.”

To schedule a lesson with Michael, call him at (505) 479-8257.


Carrie Field

Carrie Field is available for tango privates and small group technique classes in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Email: cjhortense@
Website: https://tangoinform.


David Cohen

David Cohen offers private lessons in Santa Fe and teaches classes at Odd Fellows Hall, 1125 Cerrillos Road and other locations.

David teaches Salon and Nuevo Styles Tango as well as Milonga and Milonga Traspie.

Contact information: Phone: 505-988-2275


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