Welcome! Santa Fe Tango is a non-profit organization formed to promote, cultivate, and support all aspects of Argentine tango in the Santa Fe area, help provide occasions for social dancing, and foster a congenial dance community.
Who is Santa Fe Tango? The membership of Santa Fe Tango is comprised of Santa Fe tangueros and tangueras and is led by a board of directors elected from the membership.
Want to dance Argentine Tango? Skilled Santa Fe area Teachers offer classes and private lessons for students at every level from beginner to advanced. Contact a Teacher.
Want to know more about Argentine Tango? Visit a class, attend a Milonga (public dance) or join Santa Fe Tango.
Why years of tango will not make you an advanced dancer and what will.

Santa Fe Tango Club has a new board!
Your new board members are:

Denise Wernly       President
Carol Robles          Vice President
Peter Milway          Secretary
Elise Hindmarch    Treasurer

Please give them your support and VOLUNTEER when it comes time to help with events!


Santa Fe Tango Covid Policy

Each person who attends a Santa Fe Tango event must be up to date with vaccinations against Covid-19. Attendees must show ID and CDC vaccination card(s) at the door. Up to date refers to vaccinations for which 2 weeks have passed since the first (J&J) or second (Moderna or Pfizer) dose PLUS recommended booster(s).

Santa Fe Tango will keep a list of people who show proof that they are covid-19 vaccinated to streamline the process of checking vaccination cards.

• Negative results of self tests will not be accepted in lieu of being vaccinated
• The club will follow CDC mask guidelines and state and local directives
• If cases are reported to the club board after an event, an email will be sent to members of the club advising them , while keeping the identities anonymous
• The club will happily post non-club sponsored tango events on the club's website/Facebook page, even if they do not meet the club's own Covid Policy

Covid-19-Related Questions:
Q. Do I need to be vaccinated to attend?
A. Yes. Proof of vaccination is required to attend Santa Fe Tango sponsored events. This is a requirement for all participants, teachers, DJs, and volunteers.

Q. Are there any exceptions or alternatives to the required proof-of-vaccination policy?
A. No.

Q. Will mask-wearing be required?
A. No, unless required by state law or local ordinance at the time of the event. 
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Save the Date

April 1, 2023
Santa Fe Tango April Milonga
 7:00 - 10 PM,  Dance Station,
947 W. Alemeda Ste B, Santa Fe, NM.
DJs: Paula & Alp
Our next milonga will take place on Saturday, May 6,, 2023

Dear SFT Community,

Please be prepared to pay with cash, check, or Venmo, and remember to bring proof of vaccination if we don't already have a record of your vaccine card on file. 

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 or email santafetango1@gmail.com with any questions.

Your Santa Fe Tango Board 

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Aldea Milonga, Sunday,April 9, 7:00-9:30pm

Milonga Aldea at Aldea Community Center, 3 Nuevo Milenio 87507in Santa Fe. Our March milonga cost is $7, including snacks and nonalcholic beverages. Hosted by Stephaie, Carol & Fer.
DJ:Maria Velentina Vax event. Email | Directions from Albuquerque

Upcoming Aldea Milongas   5/14, DJ Michelle McRuiz, 6/11, DJ:Paul Akmajian, 7/9, DJ: Kipp Chynowith, 8/20, DJ: Sam Jacobs, 9/10, DJ: Fer Robles, 10/8, DJ: Corolyn Stoklosa, 11/7, Post Abq Festival, DJ: Fer Robles, 11/12, DJ: Sofia Home, 12/10, Holiday Milonga, DJ: Michelle McRuiz

Check out Graham's Santa Fe Group classes beginning March  26th:, 11am.
Classes Page 

Two Moon Tango Milongas are Saturdays 7:30 -10:30 or 11 (depending on number of people). Limited Parking. Please Carpool. Vaccination card required. Masks optional. $15 cover.

Two Moon Tango is located at 16 Camino Largo, Santa Fe, NM 87507 (located on the south side of Santa Fe 5 miles past the airport). Cell 505-699-0106. 

Two Moon Tango Milonga Schedule

3/18/23 - DJ: Paul Akmajian
4/15/23 - DJ: Marcelo Rosensaft

To Albuquerque’s Las Puertas Bodega

To Albuquerque’s Las Puertas Bodega
3 new series of courses of 8 classes each will begin
Tuesday & Thursdays in January 2023. The
nomad (Graham) of the new, informally dubbed
team-up The Master & the Nomad, is bringing
his Monica Paz-approved curricula, having
studied exclusively with the master-level teacher
in Buenos Aires for several intensive-study periods

Registation and schedule of classes

For more news & contact info:

Email: Graham

Also check out Virginia Vasconi's classes
View Schedule for details.

Save the Date! April 7-18 , the wonderful Virginia Vasconi returns to Santa Fe. Stay tuned for workshop, milonga and private lesson announcements.
 For more information contact Masako at  masakodrugan@gmail.com
Location: Dance Station, 947 W Alameda St, ste b, Santa Fe, NM

Hosted by Michael Walker
Proof of Vaccination required

If you would like to save private lesson slots, please let Masako know. Please share the news with your dancer friends. 

Workshop Details and Registration: 

Weekend Workshop Concepts:

“Dancing with you is like driving a Ferrari, too bad we’re in rush hour”
A few years ago dancing in Cachirulo at 444 Maipu Street in Buenos Aires, a milonguero said this to Monica. Remembering these words has shaped her idea for this wonderful weekend of workshops!



Be Safe and Stay Healthy
For New Events, Updates, Cancellations, Postponments, or Schedule changes, please reach out to us at santafetango1@gmail.com with your requests or questions about Santa Fe Tango.

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