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From Carrie Field

Dear tango community,

It is my personal dream that each state west of the Rockies has a teacher that offers Adapted Tango classes for populations in need.

I am writing to announce this opportunity to learn the method of teaching Adapted Tango from the founder, Dr. Madeleine Hackney. This is the first time her teacher training is being offered west of the Rockies. I took this teacher training in 2014, in Florida. Upon returning home, I held a class afterward for balance challenged individuals in my community in Taos, New Mexico. It was the most fulfilling experience tango has offered me. We know from our personal experience that tango can be healing.  There is now ten years of scientific evidence showing how tango helps improve balance, gait, and mobility as well as decrease depression, increase activity, and quality of life in older adults as well as adults with Parkinson's.

Maybe you will join us in Albuquerque, in August for the Adapted Teacher Training. I hope you find a way to share your passion with others, whatever it is. 

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